Did you think what will happen after the end of this Coronavirus thing ?

It’s been a lot of days on lockdown started all over the world? People are becoming physically and mentally weak due to it. But the actual expectation from the people has not met yet. Lots of people are going out and hanging out with friends in the evening time and that could be a chance to coronavirus COVID-19 to communicate from person to person.

But in this, we’re talking about the situation through which people would go through after the end of the Lockdown/Quarantine. We all know lots of businesses and production companies are going through tons of losses. The companies and are not earning profits or if they earning profits it’s very less and it will be difficult to pay salaries to their workers and hence, they have to decrease the number of workers in their companies. As a result, lots of people will lose their jobs and become unemployed. Then the real suffering begins, GDP, Economy of the country decreases day by day. People will suffer mentally. DepressionAnxiety, and a lot of mental diseases will attack people all over the world. So, people should be strong enough to bear the loss and pain after the lockdown. And should think out of the box to overcome the situation and to move out of the situation. The government should create lots of schemes for job provision.

NOTE: The intension of this blog is not to scare people. This blog is written to bind people together and to make people aware of the upcoming situation.

One thought on “How would be the Lifestyle of People after Quarantine?”
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