What arduino is?

Are you a robot enthusiast?? Then, Arduino is definitely the thing you looking for. Getting started with “ARDUINO” is the best way to start up robotics.

HIstory of “Arduino”

Arduino project was first started in 2005 in Ivrea, Italy. The interesting fact is the name ‘Arduino‘ was inspired by the name of the bar where it’s founders used to meet. And, bar was named after a king of Italy.

What actually is Arduino?

It is a single circuit board with microprocessors and controllers. Its main motive is to provide the luxury of creating devices that can interact with the environment with minimal knowledge of electronics and programming. And, it contains sets of digital and analog i/o. Various expansion boards and circuits can be attached in order to create a device. The micro-controller in Arduino can be easily be programmed using PCs. C and C++ are programming languages used for programming Arduino.

Needs of arduino

Arduino comes handy in the context of educational purposes. Anyone can afford it and develop their knowledge about practical learning. Student of any level can step their foot towards electronics, robotics, and programming with practical projects.

Arduino has made learning so easy. Learning has never been such fun and interesting. So, when are you starting to learn? or do you have any excuse?

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