Tiktok is a Chinese company which became worldwide famous for their mobile application. This application is all about making videos and entertaining people. It’s an entertainment platform just like “Youtube” but on youtube, we can create a video of any length but in TikTok, we can make videos of time fifteen seconds or one minute.

The Chinese company successfully made a big print all over the world because, had made more than a billion users worldwide. This lead TikTok a lot of profit and it’s been listed on the most costly mobile application company.

Facebook the greatest application which has more than 2.6 billion users all of the world makes a proposal to the owners of TikTok. The TikTok owners have refused the proposal and decided not to sell the company.

India has become the greatest marketplace for the TikTok company. Who thought the company will be this big and can get a lot of users all over the world. In research, more than 120 millions of TikTok users are from the country with a large population and large unemployed people “India”.

Basically, for such a huge country people using such applications and wasting their valuable time is a great loss. But besides the great loss to “India”, TikTok has seen a lot of profit and a lot of opportunity to make money so, they refuse to sell the company to Facebook. In easy words, TikTok is seeing a lot of money from the company to refuse to sell the company.

But what facebook thinking of buying TikTok has a totally different initiative besides money. Facebook want TikTok to make is a great marketplace for advertisement platform, which will basically help people of a country like “India” a lot of job opportunity. Which may help “India” to grow and can change people living standard.

This rejection of not selling the company to Facebook has a lot of disadvantages for a county like, India, Nepal, and other countries which has a lot of unemployed people.

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